Technology products and services to achieve your business goals.

From production through distribution, IMT designs and builds functional systems with state-of-the-art technology creating highly efficient workflows to achieve our clients' business goals.

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Media Systems Integration

Our Advanced Consulting Group brings together a diverse group of architects, engineers, and developers in a collaborative environment to define business needs, develop user requirements and create technical plans that can be realized on time and on budget.

IT Expertise

Partnering with our clients to provide innovative, optimum IT solutions that are aligned to the strategy of the business enabling its growth while increasing operational efficiencies and productivity.

Cloud Services

The benefits of cloud resources are numerous, but it ultimately requires a paradigm shift in the way computational resources are utilized to fully realize those benefits. While a “lift and shift” to the cloud can be a good starting point, it will not help your business save money and will often increase your IT expenses. IMT AWS & GCP certified engineers help our customers effectively leverage cloud technologies.

Video Collaboration Systems

Designing, building and implementing systems that range across Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops, Huddle Rooms to Mobile Cart-based systems and Immersive Telepresence rooms and Infrastructure. We carefully account for the needs of your organization and your users.

Case Study

Integrating cost and time metrics into media asset management workflows

Posted: May, 2018

Metadata plays an important role in media asset management (MAM), powering access control, searchability and workflow automation. The more we know about our assets, the more efficient and usable our digital asset management (DAM) and MAM systems become. As cloud and operating-expense services have become more ubiquitous, it has become essential to understand time and cost implications and how they correlate to media workflow. This article discusses the value of tracking cloud storage and egress…

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