Infrastructure Architecture Consulting

Based on your organization’s technology needs, we develop technical requirements, workflows, and infrastructure architecture, which we then turn into executable designs and plans.

Seamless Deployment 

At IMT, we don’t recommend systems we can’t build, and we don’t build systems we can’t support. IMT’s experts will execute on designs and get your solutions deployed quickly, ensuring a faster return on your investment.

Media Asset Management (MAM) Assessment

The IMT Media Asset Management (MAM) Assessment examines your organization’s use of digital media assets and systems, captures your current workflows, and documents functional and technical requirements necessary for the acquisition, design, and deployment of a more efficient and automated MAM system.

Media Asset Management (MAM) Migration

The rapid growth and evolution of tools available in the MAM space offers exciting opportunities to customers. With IMT’s migration assessment, we can safeguard your assets and valuable metadata while building a multi-year TCO to make the decision to migrate between vendors more palatable.


AWS’s Media2Cloud framework sets up a serverless, end-to-end workflow to move your video assets and metadata to the cloud. It automates the ingest and generation of proxies, technical and rich descriptive metadata based on the use of AWS’s Recognition, Comprehend and Transcribe machine learning services. This creates a database of media assets that can integrate with data movers and Media Asset Management systems. Media2Cloud is your gateway to managing and processing your media in the AWS Cloud.

Digitization Services

Many organizations still hold large collections of legacy media assets. These valuable videos, photos, and audio are not in formats that are readily usable and are at risk of loss due to poor storage and media deterioration. Converting them to digital media assets preserves them while making the content easily searchable and useful.

Archive Migration to AWS TCO

The cloud offers tremendous advantages for archiving data, but finding a secure technical approach and cost justification can be daunting. Existing TCO models are too broad and don’t consider expensive and time-consuming variables such as LTO forward migration, and hardware/software support renewals. An Archive Migration Assessment offers insights into how to migrate to the AWS cloud and the total cost of ownership of utilizing a cloud archive with AWS.

Why Choose IMT?

  • Award-winning global systems integrator
  • Solution-agnostic approach delivers best-fit solutions
  • Diverse set of expertise, from cloud engineers to AV solutions architects
  • Deep partnerships with technology providers like AWS and Dell
  • High-touch, white glove support and service

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