Your Cybersecurity Challenges

As your technology systems grow, so does the risk. Bad actors targeting your data are attacking every 39 seconds on average. Often, technology breaches take months to detect and remediate. IT teams need bulletproof cybersecurity solutions for the challenges that lie ahead:

  • A lack of resources to properly address security needs throughout the organization’s digital transformation
  • Identifying and addressing risks prior to a breach and quickly detecting incidents when they happen
  • Navigating the risks associated with changing infrastructure and technology stacks
  • Ensuring digital and physical security strategies work together to protect data 24/7

How We Solve Them

Our customers need to protect the integrity of their data. We start there. Our threat assessments can:

  • Help you prevent and address risks early through a comprehensive security posture and risk assessment
  • Provide analyses of the threat environment and your infrastructure to help detect and prevent malware
  • Tailor cybersecurity solutions to meet the unique needs of on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments
  • Secure physical environments against insider threats with complete IoT and Surveillance Infrastructure solutions

The IMT Difference in Cybersecurity Solutions

Prevent and address risks early with a thorough analysis of the Infrastructure, Endpoint, Applications, Web, Messaging, IoT, Threat Intelligence, Mobile, Identity and Access, Data, Risk & Compliance, and Zero Trust methodology.

Protect your critical internal data, infrastructure, and network with a cybersecurity strategy assessment designed to address your on-prem data center’s entire security lifecycle (identify, protect, detect, respond, resolve).

Take control of your cloud cybersecurity with a tailored solution designed for the unique challenges of protecting data in a shared responsibility model.

We partner with leading surveillance providers to help you reduce the risk of a security breach with digital surveillance and video security systems, combining a wide array of technologies to deliver complete IoT and Surveillance Infrastructure solutions.

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