Sports Content Management Solutions that Elevate Your Game

With our roots in the broadcast industry, IMT’s systems designers and engineers have deep experience architecting sports content management solutions for live events, broadcast networks, and professional sports teams – delivering innovation, enhanced user experience, and streamlined workflows in this high-pressure environment. From data storage and protection, virtualized media workflows, and media asset management, to on-demand social gaming architecture, our expertise in sports content management solutions are as future-oriented as your business.

Cloud, Hybrid, & On-Prem Storage 

IMT’s seasoned engineers will make sure you select the best-fit storage system for end-to-end production workflows to provide you the greatest flexibility and performance for your best-of-breed applications and operating environments. Whether it’s deciding between traditional tape, LTO, a hybrid approach, or going all-in with the cloud, IMT can help you choose the winning strategy through extensive analysis and documentation of your existing processes.

Workflow Orchestration

The heart of the modern media supply chain, workflow orchestration unifies the disparate tools that power your media workflow to excel at what they each do best – and ultimately unifying your creative processes across multiple business units.

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