Your Cloud Technology Challenges

Whether your IT team is trying to move media data from on-prem to the cloud or build native applications in the cloud, the challenges of creating and managing hybrid workflows can stretch IT resources thin, as you struggle with:

  • Maximizing the value of the cloud’s speed and scalability while optimizing for growing media volumes
  • Controlling costs associated with cloud adoption including intelligent management of cloud compute and storage resources
  • Deploying best practices for hybrid and cloud-native infrastructure, data architecture, storage, and backup

How We Solve Them

Cloud infrastructure is a paradigm shift in how IT teams work, but legacy applications and on-prem infrastructure still play critical roles in many organizations. As a trusted cloud systems integrator, we help you navigate the complex challenges of cloud adoption in your unique environment by ensuring:

  • IT teams effectively leverage cloud technologies to maximize the speed, scale, and savings
  • Cloud migrations are optimized according to your business needs, using AWS best practices
  • Existing on-prem systems work in concert with cloud-based infrastructure to deliver the best of both worlds
  • Cloud environments and resources are managed properly to keep OpEx costs down and productivity up

Certified Advanced AWS Partner

Navigating the expansive array of AWS services can seem daunting. In addition, the vast ecosystem of third-party vendors and the platform options might seem overwhelming. IMT Cloud Services has built a large set of AWS accreditations as an Advanced Tier partner, including AWS Lambda Implementation, AWS Media and Entertainment Competency, AWS Certified Developer, AWS Media Supply Chain Partner and AWS Archive Partner. Our team of AWS developers and cloud architects will guide you through the range of AWS services and ensure that all recommended best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework are meticulously followed.

To browse IMT’s AWS Marketplace offerings, visit us on AWS Marketplace or get a snapshot of our offerings below.

IMT Cloud Services on AWS Marketplace

IMT Cloud Services are here to make your transition to the cloud seamless. Our cloud systems architects and engineers set your migration up for success by addressing every aspect, from your migration of in-house applications to the cloud, cloud management services, cloud service deployment, and so much more. IMT offers an extensive list of services to help you harness the power, flexibility and cost efficiencies of the Cloud for your specific company needs:

Start your AWS Cloud journey (or upgrade your existing accounts) with a secure, well-architected account framework of your own to build upon. Setup your presence in the AWS Cloud with a properly configured account structure based on current AWS services such as AWS Control Tower and Organizations. Enable important account functions like Centralized Governance, Integrated Guardrails and Central Billing to simplify your AWS management.

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