That’s a wrap on NAB 2024! What a whirlwind show jam-packed with meetings, events, and new tech! This year AI really grew up. Instead of seeing the same re-hashed engines spitting out tags with no discernable context, we’re starting to see Gen-AI interpret multi-modal output into metadata that actually means something to users! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a demo (let alone several) that have blown us away, and we couldn’t be more excited for what the immediate future holds.

The dream of automated metadata extraction feeding a Media Asset Management (MAM) to make your content more searchable has been the goal for so long. The past few years have seen baby steps laying the foundation around extraction of technical metadata including filenames and directory structure. Building upon that came transcription and basic AI tags. This has set the stage for Gen-AI to make sense of it all. Vector embeddings, nearest neighbor algorithms, natural-language processing, and large language models are the new kids on the block that have enabled a quantum leap forward from our foundational steps. 

Today, we search for assets based on metadata. A well-deployed MAM has clearly defined taxonomy and conventional best-practices to enable “search and find.”  With Gen-AI we go beyond “search and find” and introduce the concept of “discover.” With this paradigm shift we can effectively “chat” with our assets and unlock a whole new way to leverage content creatively, you really have to see it to believe it!

What does the future hold, you ask?  The next step is the automation of mundane tasks.  At NAB this year, we saw AI performing time consuming tasks such as syncing sound and picture, and even sources from multiple cameras into linked multicam media.  We saw an editorial system “duck” the volume of music under dialog, automatically producing a mix.  Another system automatically clipped action highlights from sports footage in near real time and pushed them out to social media. Looking to the future, we saw a demo in which an 11-minute video was automatically edited to a 1-minute sequence with AI-written narration voiced artificially and with matching subtitles, resulting in a coherent narrative.

Most startling were the previews showcasing the ability to creatively modify media content.  We were shown a shot’s duration extended by creating additional frames at the tail, for that extra dramatic beat. Objects were added to one shot, and objects erased from another.  These capabilities, traditionally requiring extensive visual effects work, are poised to be executed during the editorial process in a matter of minutes, revolutionizing the industry’s creative efficiency.

AI is even reaching into live production, powering a virtual set system that does not require green screen. The system recognizes the difference between the background and the human presenter and performs the composite with the virtual background in real time.

Gen AI is also driving automation across various mundane tasks within cloud workflows. From automated transcription and basic AI tagging to real-time action highlight clipping and automatic video editing, Gen AI is streamlining processes that traditionally required significant time and manual effort. This automation not only boosts workflow efficiency but also enables content creators to focus more on creativity and innovation rather than repetitive tasks.

Overall, Gen AI’s integration into cloud workflows is transforming the way content is managed, accessed, and utilized. By leveraging its advanced capabilities, organizations can unlock new levels of productivity, creativity, and value within their cloud-based media workflows.

At IMT, we’re constantly doing exhaustive research on the changing landscape. It’s an exciting time for AI advancements in media workflow–but navigating the confusing pricing structure and how these tools can integrate into your workflow remains a sticking point. There is no “one size fits all” tool; our scorecard of solutions is weighted on several variables. If you want to explore how Gen-AI can supercharge your media supply chain, reach out to us today!