Your Technology Challenges

With so many moving parts, your creative workflow needs a unified system that ties every step of the creative process together, optimizing access to media across business units and systems. Our media asset management solutions help you:

  • Create and collaborate with remote editorial solutions
  • Avoid missteps that arise during complex creative projects
  • Stop sharing duplicate or competing file versions
  • Avoid moving critical media and cloud assets with insecure systems
  • Build and utilize optimized metadata models
  • Empower your creative professionals to work seamlessly across teams
  • Simplify the media supply chain from capture through delivery, and everything in between

How We Solve Them

The core of every media asset management deployment centers on a well-architected framework that optimizes media workflow at every step. Leveraging cloud-native solutions empowers:

  • Media transformation
  • Media collaboration
  • Media transport and distribution
  • Multi-tiered storage
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML aren’t just buzzwords, they’re the dominant force driving automation and autonomous metadata tagging, permitting better and more efficient indexes and search capabilities.

IMT understands the context of how AI/ML data can help augment your media asset management system by making your assets more searchable and actionable. IMT’s engineering team can design custom workflows and deep integration with AI systems.

The IMT Difference in Media Asset Management

Understanding the best technologies for both on-prem and cloud, IMT designs plug-and-play, hybrid, or custom media asset management systems, matching your unique requirements with best of breed MAM solutions.

Ready-built, out-of-the-box media asset management solutions for businesses with standard creative workflows seeking a plug-and-play experience.

As a systems integrator, IMT works with dozens of vendors across the entire media technology landscape. We can quickly identify best-fit solutions for your needs, or work with your existing tech stack to unify your tools.

IMT’s deep expertise in the MAM space has been shaped by extensive experience managing media assets for a large and diverse customer base since our inception in 2007. Our team of solutions architects and engineers come from a diverse cross-section of the Media & Entertainment industry and can present firsthand insights for many common requests.

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