Your Technology Challenges

With no room for error, effectively designing broadcast systems requires a deep technical understanding of industry-specific needs. IMT was born out of the broadcast business, so our world-class team of engineers and systems designers brings real-world experience in the television broadcast industry to devise solutions to your toughest media technology challenges:

  • Transitioning to software-defined workflows
  • Balancing on-prem versus cloud
  • Integrating bridge technology for hybrid models
  • Developing innovative broadcast systems to meet emerging media needs

How We Solve Them

Meeting today’s global media processing requirements, everywhere and anytime, our technologies support distribution workflows that get your content to consumers in the form they demand.

Cloud, hybrid cloud, or on premise – the broadcast business is changing rapidly. With deep expertise in both traditional media and next generation information technology, as a seasoned broadcast systems integrator, we’re ready to help you take on the challenges with a design that can scale for years to come:

  • Solutions for live production and REMI productions
  • Networking and storage technology
  • Cloud archiving strategies
  • Workflow orchestration

The IMT Difference in Broadcast Systems Integration

As the backbone of broadcast facilities, storage is imperative to smooth operations. IMT’s broadcast team builds comprehensive media storage and archiving solutions.

The IMT team has the knowledge to develop media workflows with a strong focus in cloud, automation, and processes to drive high performance automation into your broadcast organization.

As a broadcast systems integrator, IMT works with dozens of vendors across the entire media landscape. We can quickly identify best-fit solutions for your needs, or work with your existing tech stack to unify your tools.

IMT’s expertise in the broadcast space is unparalleled. Our team of solutions architects and engineers comes from a diverse cross-section of the Media & Entertainment industry and can present firsthand insights for many common requests.

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