Crown Media selects IMT to extend their online storage capacity

Crown Media Family Networks, an industry leader in producing and distributing family-oriented original content, was finding it hard to stay up to date with their growth in original content production and distribution. The content from production teams is pulled immediately into media asset management, where it is logged, edited, and — on completion — transcoded for distribution and then archived. Their workflow storage is extensive, and the sudden growth in content threatened to impact Crown Media’s intensive workflow infrastructure.

To solve Crown Media’s problem, IMT recommended to combine Quantum’s Lattus object storage, StorNext 5 workflow-optimized storage, and Levels Beyond Reach Engines Media Asset Management. With this new approach, Crown Media’s workflow scales easily as the content grows. The multi-site, object storage-based archive allows all assets to be readily available and automatically protected from loss. The integration of storage management software, archive, and media asset management provides Crown Media a single point of management, simplifying the workflow and increasing staff efficiency.

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