Public Cloud

Public Cloud offers the promise of unlimited scalability using enterprise class infrastructure, provided as a service without the requirement for significant on premises infrastructure. IMT can put your media in the cloud securely and efficiently, for immediate use or for archival purposes.

Object Storage and Private Cloud

Object storage provides durable storage at significantly lower cost. IMT has implemented many petabytes of object storage and works closely with multiple top tier vendors to design and engineer best-of-breed solutions. From a high-density on-premises installation to a geo-spread private cloud, IMT can architect and implement a solution that best fits your business requirements.

Hybrid Architectures

For some businesses, a combination of public and private cloud is the best solution. Balancing the two technologies is often a matter economy and security. Owning a base capability and peaking onto public cloud may be most effective. IMT can strategize with you to determine the best solution for your requirements.


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Cloud also offers compute resources and applications services. Complete software based workflows for production and broadcast are migrating to the cloud. Transcoding, rendering, transfer acceleration, QA, DRM, MAM, playout, master control, ad management and other services can all take place in the cloud, reducing the need for dedicated appliances and on-premises infrastructure. Capabilities can scale up and down on demand. IMT can guide your organization in the transition to the cloud.