Finding Value

Content only has value if it can be found and accessed. Piles of hard drives place assets out of reach and at risk. Open file systems quickly become unmanageable. Media Asset Management systems are required for any organization that has a significant catalogs of assets. and Archiving solutions protect those assets for the future. IMT has solutions at different scales to match your business needs.

Automating Workflows

Repeatable operations can be automated to reduce labor and increase productivity. Creating simple triggers for complex operations reduces errors. Volumes of media processing can be scaled to industrial levels. Our real world experience and technological expertise come together in designing automated workflows.

Implementing Change

One of the greatest challenges in implementing Media Asset Management is not technical—it’s managing the change in how people work. Our years of experience in diverse projects can support your organization’s advancement.


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Media Asset Management has evolved enormously over the last decade. It’s now possible for enterprises to work with terabytes to petabytes of shared digital assets, both active assets and those preserved for the long term. MAM and archive applications exist to serve the simplest needs of a workgroup to the most complex needs of media enterprises.

IMT’s MAM practice has grown with a broad set of solutions to deliver consulting, design, engineering and implementation expertise across a wide range of customers and use cases. Our deep experience with MAM and archiving technologies ensure that our clients receive comprehensive support with the challenges inherent in managing growing numbers of media assets and automating media operations.