IMT and Cisco Collaboration Innovation for what’s next

In this eBook, we talk about how business-class video conferencing has been around since the early 1900s. The novelty of connecting with offsite team members, clients, or partners across the globe seemed so futuristic not so long ago. It was a cool toy we could utilize when we needed to, but it was far from optimal for everyday use. Getting and staying connected could use up a chunk of meeting time. Sometimes, poor video and audio quality, inconsistent and unsecure network connections, and lack of interactive collaboration tools installed productivity. Meeting in-person, even if it meant travel time and costs, was preferred over video conferencing.

Even as collaboration solutions evolved, many businesses had a hard time incorporating these new tools into their workflows. However, what was once a nice-to-have, became a necessary tool to ensure business stability in 2020-21. Companies of all sizes discovered, with enthusiasm, the advantages of collaboration solutions for their businesses. Learn more by reading your eBook collaboration with Cisco below.

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