Media Asset Management

Let’s face it, there’s no blueprint for a MAM and underlying infrastructure that addresses everyone’s unique requirements. There are however multiple “Reference Architectures” of solutions known to work from a best practices standpoint that can address a bevy of possible business use cases.

MAM Architecture

Whether fully on-premise, fully in the public cloud or hybrid, each design has its pros and cons. Arriving on an architecture decision is driven by many complex variables. With the elasticity, durability, and on-demand nature of the public cloud, there has been increased adoption of these dynamic resources. With the explosion of 4k, HDR, and other bandwidth intensive video formats we also see the need for high-speed, low-latency systems to edit effectively.

Taking the best that on-prem and cloud has to offer, IMT can confidently build a hybrid MAM deployment to address your workflow challenges no matter what they may be.

Trusted MAM Expertise

MAM as a Service (MaaS)

MAM as a Service (MaaS)

MAMs are complex systems that span multiple servers and require many 3rd party integrations. There’s no need for the billing and support to be just as complex. With IMT’s MaaS, we can custom tailor a pro-active support plan for your MAM deployment.

If you’re looking towards a cloud or hybrid cloud solution but don’t want to manage the complexity of cloud billing and the management of opex resources, then IMT’s MaaS is the perfect fit. In addition to our ability to run the entire solution stack “as a service” we offer pro-active maintenance and on-going custom workflow development plans custom tailored for your needs.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) aren’t just buzzwords, they’re quickly becoming a necessary staple in the world of Media Asset Management. The holy-grail of “automated metadata extraction” has become a reality, however the ultimate win is ensuring accuracy, ease of use and integration into your existing MAM.

The output from these AI/ML systems isn’t human readable, and is practically useless on its own, but by mapping the output from these systems to match your MAM’s metadata taxonomy and pre-defined vocabularies, IMT ensures that you’re getting good data flowing into your systems. Be it automated transcription, custom facial recognition and training, optical character recognition, or even logo detection, the list continues to grow each day!

IMT understands the context of how AI/ML data can help augment your MAM by making your assets more searchable and actionable. By crafting custom workflows and integrations we’re uniquely positioned to supercharge your MAM with artificial intelligence.

An Agnostic Partner

As a systems integrator, IMT works with dozens of vendors across the entire media landscape. We understand the multitude of systems that work best together. There is never a single vendor or “widget” that offers the entire end-to-end solutions required in the media space.

With our 13+ years in business and hundreds of years of combined experiences across our staff, we’ve seen it all. IMT takes a “reference architecture” approach to solutions to address known quantities and workflow challenges.

IMT is not rigid though, the landscape is ever-changing with new and amazing tools that emerge every day. Qualifying which solutions can live up to the expectation and integrate with existing infrastructure is a large part of IMT’s value add. We might only be partnered with a handful of companies across hardware and software, but rest assured we have hands-on experience across dozens of solutions so we know the “gotchas” and what to look out for when looking to integrate.


IMT’s expertise in the MAM space is unparalleled, our team of solutions architects and engineers come from a diverse cross-section of Media & Entertainment and can speak firsthand to some of the most common requests that come up.

This is where SoDA’s primary use case originated. MAM’s native data movement of assets across storage tiers, both on premise, and to the cloud is often very rudimentary. There are various connectors to MAMs that allows them to speak to 3rd party HSMs but those also often leave little to be desired, especially in this modern age of cloud-archiving.

SoDA’s unique ability to show how much it will cost to store and retrieve assets from various storage classes in the cloud, as well as the the ability to select an SLA of restore time and know how long it will take before you can work with those assets is unrivaled in this space. With the “dry run” functionality integrated into our top MAM partners we abstract the SoDA interface from your end users, they don’t need to learn a new tool and remain empowered to drive their own archive and restore jobs without outside assistance.

The MAM provides the context of users, groups, and other valuable metadata such as a “job code” or “project ID”. With this context SoDA is able to correlate jobs and spending to users, departments, or job codes/clients. This gives never before seen visibility into who is responsible for what spend. This reporting helps further drive MAM adoption across business units, help drive upcoming budgeting with useful metrics, and can also empower “bill back” SoDA’s powerful API can drive powerful workflow customization in your MAM environment.

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IMT's Featured MAM Partners

Dalet Flex

Dalet’s cloud native Flex takes full advantage of a micro-services architecture allowing for a highly elastic and modular MAM capable of leveraging on-premise resources for a true hybrid deployment. With it’s Job Execution Framework or “JEF” the workflow extensibility of Flex is nearly limitless.

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IPV Curator

IPV’s philosophy that creative professional shouldn’t have to worry about where their media is in order to work with it has made Curator an immensely popular fit for work-in-progress editorial workflows. Curator has pioneered the remote editorial landscape in the most efficient and transparent ways possible, by offloading resources from editorial systems to enterprise systems at a ground station, or in the cloud.

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Levels Beyond Reach Engine

With a focus on workflow orchestration, Reach Engine is a highly customizable automation driven MAM with dozens of certified 3rd party connectors that help empower the media supply chain through it’s entire lifecycle. With Reach Engine at the center of your media workflow, we’re able to abstract the complexity of the backend interconnectivity for an amazing end user experience.

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Squarebox System’s CatDV MAM combines a catalog of contextual and technical metadata with a workflow engine to drive media workflow. The easy to use rich client, web client, and editorial plugins help drive user adoption into the centrally managed MAM world.

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