Interactive Video Learning

IMT’s “secret sauce” combines years of video broadcasting expertise with custom engineering, design and delivery services. Our knowledge of post-production, video surveillance and corporate workflows allows our team to understand interactive distance learning applications as well as media content display. We view these projects through a lens that traditional video conferencing VARS and integrators simply cannot duplicate.

True Innovation

On the surface, IVL is a suite of products and services for high-definition, interactive, broadcast-quality learning delivery, content presentation and display. IMT can reimagine solutions for your organization if it is challenged by its knowledge transfer and retention capabilities or lacks the in-house expertise and tools to repurpose or develop content for new visual technology platforms. The result is Interactive Video Learning that matches your company’s culture.

Emerging Markets

IVL is the Interactive Learning practice of the Visual Collaboration Services Unit of IMT. Initial development was targeted for AT&T’s video-based distance learning requirements. We have grown IVL to include unique solutions for video conferencing, multimedia, streaming, and content-rich services made available from the classroom to the boardroom.

Obviate Bottlenecks

Streamline your company's training and communications using our state-of-the-art interactive learning software. Enable your company to gain, retain, and clarify new and existing policies, products, and company changes in record time. Get your staff back to work - faster, and more effectively than ever before.