Diverse Challenges

IMT’s Security Solutions provide answers to the industries ever-changing landscape of challenges, including Advanced Persistent Threats, protection of geographical dispersed endpoints, user ignorance (spear-phising, ransomware), solution complexity and fragmentation, and resource and talent shortage.

Lifecycle Solutions

IMT enables our customers to evolve their security practice in a balanced manner across the security lifecycle (identify, protect, detect, respond, resolve). Solutions provided include technology hardware/software, implementation of best practices, development of standards and policies, and process development and improvement.

Agnostic Approach

IMT partners closely with industry-leading solution providers, from longtime established market leaders, as well as fast-growing disruptive security technologies, such as Advanced Endpoint, Next Generation Firewall, Behavior Based Breach Detection, Incident Response, Event Management, Managed Security Services, and more.


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Cyber security attacks are growing 66% year over year, and the attack landscape is ever changing. Prevention and detection strategies have board level visibility, and high profile breaches can have a major business impact, including financial loss, intellectual property theft, and brand/reputation compromise. Most security teams are under-resourced, and the security landscape is complex and fragmented. Industry analysts report that the average time for an enterprise to detect a security breach is 200+ days.