Hybrid Cloud

IMT’s experts build any combination of hyperscale architected public and private IT services in hybrid cloud solutions. These solutions allow IT services to be delivered at speed and on-demand with the ability to expand and retract resources seamlessly in the most optimum automated fashion.

Cloud Potential

The benefits of cloud architectures are numerous and well known; however these are only achievable through diligent planning which helps avoid common pitfalls. IMT helps achieve the true potential of the cloud by understanding our customer’s unique business workflows, the applications being used to deliver business functionality, the financial characteristics of these solutions and awareness of the impact to daily operational processes. We assist in determining the what, when, and how of cloud so our customers can maximize and future-proof their investment.

Service Broker

IMT's believes IT organizations will undoubtedly become service brokers who direct the consumption of services / resources across multi providers, including in-house. This requires greater mobility in software / applications than what exists today. “Built for cloud” in the enterprise is still not common and solutions such as containers are still maturing. IMT can assist you on this transformation towards the ultimate service-orientated organization, but only where applicable and at the right time.


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“Cloud” is the single most sweeping transformational technology trend in IT today. External service providers offer infrastructure and application services that are instantly available from remote data centers (shared and dedicated), and only charge for actual usage.

The cloud service landscape is growing rapidly and crowded with public cloud hyperscalers (Amazon, VMWare, Google, Microsoft, IBM). In addition, regional and national cloud service providers are filling the niche of purpose-built infrastructures and specialized services, geared at luring customers. This industry tidal wave stems from the inability of many IT organizations to rapidly scale, accurately predict workloads, or meet requirements for global reach. Plus, annual Capex challenges and the need to support both legacy and next-generation cloud architected application workloads cause a massive strain on internal resources.