Experienced Professionals

Our consultants bring decades of experience from major Fortune 500 enterprises to fast-growing start-ups with capabilities in a range of advanced technology and business workflow orientated services.

Demonstrated Value

We differentiate ourselves through the quality deliverables we produce that provide quantifiable value across our core competencies: Technology Assessments and Decision Support, IT Strategy Review and Strategic Planning, Data and Workflow Analysis, Process Improvement, and Total Cost of Ownership Analysis.

Business Alignment

IMT’s portfolio of consulting services are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. Our focus is on providing business value through the alignment or evolution of our clients' unique business and IT strategies. No two engagements are the same.


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With virtually unlimited demand for technology services, most IT organizations lack resources, time, expertise, and/or the ability to focus on the most effective strategic approach to their own IT planning and decision making. These challenges can lead to a lack of innovation, delayed decision making, inefficient spending, and “status quo” approaches that limit business growth and agility.

Check out some of our Advanced Consulting customer success stories below.


After narrowly avoiding a major ransomware incident, a global investment firm needed to act quickly, but found that the #1 and #2 market leaders in Endpoint Security were ill-equipped to respond to the rapidly evolving and transforming cyber-attacks. With no formal evaluation process or broad industry perspective, they turned to IMT. IMT partnered with the company to gather and prioritize requirements, evaluate and score five solutions, and document findings and recommendations before presenting to upper management. Following the engagement, the company implemented the recommended solution and has had no further ransomware incidents.


After several leadership changes and failed technology purchases, the CIO at a leading sports equipment manufacturer had little confidence in the operations of their infrastructure solutions. It was apparent that there was no vision or strategy guiding them. IMT was engaged to analyze the current infrastructure services to develop a strategy and roadmap with clear attainable objectives covering people, process and technology. The customer transformed their infrastructure operations into a service orientated organization which could keep pace with their innovative, dynamic business.


A leader in Wellness Business Management experienced rapid growth in their business, but did not know if what they were charging customers was covering the cost of the service being provided. IMT analyzed their software development and infrastructure / data center operations over several years by analyzing their general ledger and accounts payable. IMT provided a cost per size of customer and developed a tool that would automatically recalculate these costs based on changes in their operations. From the analysis, the customer was able to build a strategy to cut costs while lowering the price to the customer.