CyberSecurity & Video Surveillance

As the world is embracing digital transformation, cyberattacks are no longer few and far between. With organizations as vulnerable to cyberattack as they have ever been, responsibility and expectations have been placed on technical leaders to keep their companies safe. Prevention and detection strategies have board level visibility, and high-profile breaches can have a major business impact, including financial loss, intellectual property theft, and brand/reputation compromise. Most security teams are under-resourced, and the security landscape is complex and fragmented.

Security Posture Planning & Execution

IMT helps our customers prevent and address risks early through a comprehensive security posture planning assessment to protect organizations against cybersecurity threats by detecting and preventing malware intrusions and data breaches, as well as preventing the theft of intellectual property (IP). This process includes a thorough analysis of the Infrastructure, Endpoint, Application, Web, Messaging, IOT, Threat Intelligence, Mobile, Identity and Access, Data, Risk & Compliance, and Zero Trust.

On-Prem or Cloud Security Solutions

Whether on-prem or in the cloud, understanding how cloud security differs from datacenter security is crucial for organizations. IMT enables our customers to evolve their security practice in a balanced manner across the security lifecycle (identify, protect, detect, respond, resolve).



Your internal data, infrastructure and networks are fundamental to the running of your day-to-day operations. Protecting your data and applications requires deep visibility and consistent, best-in-class security controls across physical, virtualized, containerized and cloud environments.


Cloud security refers to a broad set of control-based technologies and policies deployed to protect information, data, applications and infrastructure associated with cloud computing. As with on-premises applications and data, those stored in the cloud must be just as vigilantly protected. Placing your network security in the cloud allows businesses to free up capital and personnel because the up-front cost to deploy is less than traditional premise-based tools and the vendor provides the bandwidth, IT staff and infrastructure to secure the data. This also allows businesses to scale quickly and with minimal effort, should the need arise.

Video Surveillance

IMT partners with leading surveillance providers to reduce the risk of digital surveillance and security systems. Our security partners’ capabilities bring a wide array of technologies together, including compute, storage, networking and software, which are ideal for storing video and audio data, and are configurable with partner solutions to deliver complete IoT and Surveillance Infrastructure solutions.

Check out our case study with the Miami Dolphins that highlights the integrated solution, including video safety and security, recommended to the Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium as they prepared to host Super Bowl LIV.

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