Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the availability of AWS Media Intelligence (AWS MI) solutions, a combination of services that empower you to easily integrate AI into your media content workflows. AWS MI allows you to analyze your media, improve content engagement rates, reduce operational costs, and increase the lifetime value of media content. With AWS MI, you can choose turnkey solutions from participating AWS Partners or use AWS Solutions to enable rapid prototyping. These solutions cover four important use cases: content search and discovery, captioning and localization, compliance and brand safety, and content monetization. IMT is now one of the partners providing AWS MI solutions.

The demand for media content in the form of audio, video and images is growing at an unprecedented rate. Consumers are relying on content not only to entertain, but also to educate and facilitate purchasing decisions. To meet this demand, media content production is exploding. However, the process of producing, distributing, and monetizing this content is often complex, expensive and time consuming. Applying AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities like image and video analysis, audio transcription, machine translation, and text analytics can solve many of these problems. AWS continues to invest with leading technology and consulting partners to meet customer requests for ready-to-use ML capabilities across the most popular use cases.

Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Amazon Machine Learning at AWS says, “The volume of media content that our customers are creating and managing is growing exponentially. Customers can dramatically reduce the time and cost requirements to produce, distribute and monetize media content at scale with AWS Media Intelligence and its underlying AI services. We are excited to announce these solutions backed by a strong group of AWS Technology and Consulting Partners. They are committed to delivering turnkey solutions that enable our customers to easily achieve the benefits of ML transformation while removing the heavy lifting needed to integrate ML capabilities into their existing media content workflows.”

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