A Proud AWS Media Intelligence Partner

In partnership with AWS, IMT provides customers unrivaled Media Intelligence solutions. By utilizing existing on-premise investments while extending into the cloud, IMT + SoDA leverage highly-durable and scalable compute and storage resources to support customers in their cloud journey.

Supporting Media Organizations in their Journey to the Cloud

AWS Media Intelligence leverages a set of tools in the cloud automating the creation of metadata to make your content more discoverable and valuable. IMT is a trusted Systems Integrator supporting Media & Entertainment workflows across a variety of 800+ diverse clients. Our Solutions Architects deploy bespoke Media Intelligence solutions for a variety of use cases. Understanding the entire media lifecycle from the camera, to work-in-process, through delivery, and subsequent archive, we provide trusted guidance on industry best practices.

While each customer is unique, there are shared components across every Media workflow. Data movement through the media pipeline represents a challenge to many clients, and this is why we developed SoDA. SoDA is IMT’s own agnostic data mover that provides unlimited data movement facilitating migration, synchronization, and the archive of media across disparate silos of storage. Beyond data movement, SoDA also provides valuable insights into cloud storage and egress costs, as well as time estimations to move media. SoDA plays a key role in IMT’s reference architectures by crafting workflows that speak to MAM, AI/ML, Storage, Networking, and Compute resources.

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AWS Media Intelligence solutions make it easy to add machine learning to media workflows and cover 4 important use cases: content search and discovery, subtitling and localization, content monetization, and compliance and moderation. AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services available through IMT offer organizations of all sizes the means to make better use of media assets and improve efficiency and effectiveness.


At the foundation of every media workflow is storage. AWS offers a complete range of scalable and reliable cloud storage services. Whether object storage, file storage, block storage services, or backup and data migration options, IMT can provision AWS storage services to build your media environment from ingest to archive.


AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features. It allows you to easily create video-on-demand (VOD) content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery at scale. The service combines advanced video and audio capabilities with a simple web services interface and pay-as-you-go pricing. IMT can provision AWS Elemental MediaConvert services to deliver efficient media operations without the complexity of building and operating an on-premises video processing infrastructure.
Media Asset Management

Media Asset Management

IMT takes advantage of the latest innovations in asset management and supply chain applications, whether operating entirely in the cloud or on hybrid architectures. AWS Machine Learning and Analytics embedded throughout the media value chain with scalable storage and processing enable more efficiently automation, smarter content investments, and better monetization.

SoDA Data Management + Media Intelligence

SoDA is an invaluable tool when working with AWS Media Intelligence Machine Learning solutions. In order to leverage AWS Media Intelligence services, content needs to be ingested into AWS. SoDA provides the data movement management to and from AWS, enabling the use of AWS Media Intelligence solutions while tracking storage movement in the cloud and offering valuable insight into the cost and speed of data transfers. Metadata generated by the Media Intelligence solution is leveraged by Media Asset Management systems, therefore having a SoDA integrated plugin that seamlessly does the data movement is critical. SoDA provides protocol agnostic connections that work with all siloed data and on premises storage.

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The Los Angeles Chargers' Journey to the Cloud

IMT + SoDA worked together to deploy an end-to-end hybrid MAM solution for the Los Angeles Chargers, enriched with AI/ML metadata, with cloud-hosted archive and lightweight proxies to enable secure remote ingest and collaboration.

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A Trusted Partner


To overcome complex media workflow challenges and solve common media problems for customers, AWS offers a variety of ML solutions for
easy implementation. These solutions make it easy to add machine learning to media workflows, with no prior ML experience required, and
cover 4 important use cases: content search and discovery, subtitling and localization, content monetization, and compliance and moderation.